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ちく満 (Chikuma)

A traditional soba noodle restaurant, first established over 300 years ago. You’ll be able to enjoy a unique take on the Japanese traditional noodles (buckwheat noodles served hot and cold). Hand-made right behind the restaurant, this restaurant takes pride not only in its taste, but the texture of their soba noodles.

いわし舟 (Iwashi Fune)

This local restaurant specializes in a variety of freshly caught iwashi (sardine) dishes. From sashimi, stewed dishes, fried iwashi, sushi, traditional varieties of rice dishes and more. You’ll be sure to find something delicious to eat, no matter how many times you stop by!

鮨榮 (Sushi Sakae)

This sushi restaurant is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Located a 10 minute walk from SAKAINOMA Kuma, this establishment has been serving freshly made sushi for over 40 years. They also serve tempura, small sides, and more — perfect for when you are looking to try a variety of traditional Japanese cuisine.

深清鮓 (Fukasezushi)

A sushi restaurant that offers take-away meals, for when you want to relax in your own space at SAKAINOMA! This restaurant specializes in anago sushi (salt-water eel) — grilled to perfection, and served with a sauce that is both savory and sweet.

堺魚市場 (Sakai Uoichiba)

Late night sushi, tempura, and drinks! This bustling fish market (Osaka’s version of the famous Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market) opens its doors from midnight, and serves fresh sashimi, deep-fried tempura vegetable, and more. We recommend going to Tempura Daikichi — but line up early as the seats fill up quickly!


竹うち (Takeuchi)

Specializing in unagi (fresh water eel), stop by and enjoy traditional unagi dishes that have made this restaurant a favorite amongst locals since 1938. From Unaju (rice that has been topped with broiled eel & basted in a sweet & savory sauce), to special lunch menus.

たこ吉 (Takoyoshi)

Hidden within a residential neighborhood, and only known by locals is an oden restaurant. A popular type of dish that is often eaten during the colder months, it is slightly different from a stew or a hot pot, but is just as delicious. Simmered fish cakes, vegetables, fried tofu, and more — this comforting dish is perfect for a hearty meal or as a light snack!

南海グリル (Nankai Grill)

Renovating an old merchant storage house, the atmosphere alone will have you coming back to this restaurant over and over. Enjoy teppanyaki style food (grilled food on a hot plate) that is cooked right before your eyes — they served everything from steaks, hamburgers, to vegetables and more.

れすとらん浪速亭 (Naniwatei)

A casual Western-style restaurant that is loved by many locals living in Sakai. This restaurant and its delicious recipes have been passed down for generations — the current owner is the third owner/chef of this establishment. Japanese-style hamburg dishes smothered in demi-glace sauce, to ebi-furai (deep-fried shrimp), to other special set menus, these dishes will sure to satisfy you while bringing about a nostalgic & comforting feeling.