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Experience Sakai, both past & present, by staying in a traditional house that encapsulates its time and space.


Sakai is a bayside city (one of thirty-three) that help to make up the colorful, and culturally rich Osaka.

Located south of the bustling Dotonbori shopping and dining district, and a short walk away from the sea, this city will introduce you to another unique side of the popular Osaka prefecture.

SAKAINOMA Kuma will offer you a peaceful sanctuary within this bustling city.

At SAKAINOMA Kuma, delve into the local life and experience everything the city has to offer by staying in this renovated machiya house. Centrally located, and a short 30 minute train ride from Kansai Airport, this traditional machiya house will evoke memories of a rich and nostalgic Japan. In addition to a cafe that serves hand-drip coffee, move further along to find a traditional Japanese garden separating 2 private rooms: “Omoya” & “Hanare”.

【母屋 Omoya

A large window, which takes up the entire length of one wall, opens up to a traditional tsuboniwa garden that allows for natural light to brighten up the “Omoya” room. Throughout the “Omoya” room, you will find intricate details that seamlessly fuse a Western & Japanese design. Skilled craftsmen have used the urushi-fuki method to emphasize the distinctive characters of the large wooden beams; Italian hand-blown glass light fixtures decorate the ceiling; and a traditional kotatsu table create the ideal space to relax within.

【はなれ Hanare

The “Hanare” room incorporates Japanese modern art within a space that features its original architecture & layout. The light filtering in from the garden reflects off of the golden washi paper (delicately made traditional Japanese paper), lined with tatami straw mats, and is surrounded by walls plastered using a long-standing technique. A room embraces the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi –in which beauty is found even within the most minimalistic and imperfect.


A modern take on a traditional house — SAKAINOMA Nishiki reimagines the traditional and local life of Sakai. This “designer machiya house” will allow for a space of luxury and relaxation during your time in the city.